In regards to this project, there is a significant backstory involving two of the key players, the president and the secretary of the committee. Both individuals have known each other since childhood and are residents of Indrapuri, a colony located in ward number 7 under the Patna municipal corporation. Prior to their involvement in this project, they were working in various corporate positions in metropolitan areas. Upon returning to their hometown, they were disheartened to see the vast amounts of garbage littered throughout their beloved community. Subsequently, they made the decision to resign from their corporate positions and dedicate themselves to improving the appearance and quality of life in their colony.

Our non-governmental organization was established by a group of passionate individuals who hold a deep attachment to their place of origin. Our primary mission was to eliminate waste from our community and to implement scientifically sound waste management practices. We have successfully cleaned up the entire colony and instituted a system to collect garbage from every kitchen in our society, which has been met with great success.

Our team has received a positive response from the society. The community members have been seeking our assistance for their various needs, as opposed to relying solely on government agencies. We have identified that the area is lacking adequate street lighting, and it appears that the Patna Municipal Corporation has not addressed this issue. In response, our team has taken the initiative to identify and install 528 electric poles to improve the lighting conditions in the area.

Our non-governmental organization took the initiative to launch a local newspaper, "Dastak," with the aim of promoting public awareness regarding societal issues. The newspaper was first published on August 15, 2017.

Despite living in the 21st century, child marriage continues to pose a significant challenge in our nation. In an effort to address this pressing issue, our NGO spearheaded a state-level essay competition in high schools throughout Bihar. Our campaign was conducted in partnership with the esteemed daily newspapers of Bihar Inext- Dainik Jagran. Impressively, over thousands of students participated in this competition, making it a resounding success in generating awareness about the harmful effects of child marriage.

The city of Patna, our hometown, gained international attention in 2019 due to severe waterlogging caused by torrential rainfall. In response to this crisis, we committed ourselves to providing aid to those affected. We received numerous requests from people across the country seeking assistance in locating and supporting their loved ones who were impacted by the disaster. During this time, we identified a critical issue that had yet to be addressed - the needs of menstruating women in the affected areas. With great urgency, we instructed our volunteers, particularly female members, to distribute sanitary pads to women in our community. This effort was aimed at providing a small yet crucial measure of support to those affected by the crisis.

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